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Professional Summary:

Working in and around the networking and technology industries for over 20 years, Mr. Huster brings a myriad of experience to any environment. Heavy background in networking and communications, following 8 years of military service, and over 15 years of technical networking and systems analysis in the private sector. Due to the nature of various assignments and contracts, TCP/IP skills such DNS & WINS, subnet provisioning, switching and routing are very heavy. Security realms such as RPC/SMB based NT4 Domains (MS and Samba PDCs) and Kerberos based 2000 – 2008 Active Directories design, implementation, migration and upgrades comprise senior levels of expertise and experience at all levels of solutions architecture. With the first set of Microsoft Certifications, there have been numerous opportunities to work with Small to Medium Business (SMB) leaders and network teams offering leading edge business/systems analysis and to develop a scope of projects to efficiently and effectively deploy solutions. Continued training and cross training of self, peers and end users, constantly exercises technology and communication skills, while identifying opportunities for improvement and innovation.

For eight years, along with continued service to his Value Added Reseller (VAR) and SMB service company, 220 Tech, Mr. Huster worked for The Bissell Companies, as the Chief Network/Systems Engineer. This role required extensive and quite diverse knowledge of dissimilar network environments as well as a significant amount of interaction with both the user base and corporate leadership. The various entities include the main holding company and property management, commercial and residential real estate companies and four hotels, over his duration of his service. Aside from the daily administrative roles at each entity, upgrade and migrations as well as proof of concept design, testing and deployment encompass the scope of his position. A major portion of these efforts have required ongoing analysis of business practices with an eye on existing and emerging technologies to ensure the highest possible up time and the most scalable systems available, all while working within ever restrictive budgets.

Along with developing new server, workstation and active directory standards, research and development for secure remote access and more recently datacenter consolidation utilizing virtualization, SAN and NAS technology are more the current focus of engineering projects. These GreenIT efforts have proved exponentially beneficial to not only the current hardware and energy overhead but also man-hour cost associated with datacenter administration and reduction in overhead for future scaling and expansion.

Below, please find a brief skill-set matrix, and attached is a more traditional resume.

Current Employer:      220 Tech, Inc.

Title:                            Chief Network/Systems Engineer

Security Clearance:    Top Secret/SCI with SBI (Last Updated 16 May 1994) -- currently inactive

Specialized Training:  Certificate, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (Atlanta, GA, February 2000)

Certificate, NT-Certified Independent Professional (LANOP, December 2000)

Trainer, Netware Certification (Atlanta, GA, February, 2000)

Trainer, CompTIA A+/NET+ Certification (Charlotte, NC, February, 2001)

Trainer, Cisco Certified Network Associate (Charlotte, NC, February, 2001)

Ongoing MCSE, Exchange, Citrix and Cisco certificate training (Charlotte, NC)

Certificate, Cryptologic Analysis, National Cryptologic School, National Security Agency (Kunia FS, HI, January 1992)

Certificate, Agency Standard Terminal/Workstation (IBM standard), National Cryptologic School T9, National Security Agency (Kunia FS, HI, July 1991)

Certificate, UNIX Operating System, National Cryptologic School, National Security Agency (Kunia FS, HI, July 1991)

Korean Intelligence Support System (KISS), (Yong-San, ROK, June 1989 & 1990)

Certified Technician & Trainer, Micro-FIX & FASe with dBase III, (Yong-San, ROK, June 1989 & 1990)

Certificate, Electronic Warfare/Signals Intelligence Analyst, (30 level), National Security Agency (Goodfellow AFB, March 1989)


Operating Systems:    Windows 2003-2008 (Web, Std., Ent.), Windows Backoffice 4.5 – SBS 2000-2008, Windows 2000 (Pro, Server & Adv. Server), Microsoft Windows NT 3.51-4.0 (Workstation and Server), Windows 3.x, 9x and ME, XP, Vista, 7; OpenDOS, MSDOS 3-6.22, IBM PCDOS 5 – 7; OS/2 2.1 - 4.0 Workstation and Server; Novel 3.11-4.1, SuSe; Red Hat, CentOS 4-5x, Mandriva (Mandrake 6x-Current); Debian, Ubuntu 6.x-10.4, Edubuntu, LinuxMCE; Solaris; FreeBSD; MacOS 8.x.,9.x,10.x


Languages:                 Powershell, Kix32, VBScript, BASIC; HTML, PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript, SQLscript


Protocols:                   TCP/IP; IPX/SPX; DLC; Appletalk; Bonjour; Ethernet: 802.3; 802.11a,b,g,n; 802.1q; 802.3af, 802.15


Software:                    MS Exchange 5.5 - 2007, Postfix; Citrix MetaFrame/Presentation/XenApp Servers; VMware Server 1.2 – 2.0 & Workstation5 – 6.5, ESXi, VI3-4; OpenFiler SAN/NAS, MS Storage Server, FreeNAS; ScriptLogic, Tricerat, OpenManage, HP SIM, Cisco Works, ACS, BBSM, WLSE; Veritas/Symantec, Tivoli, Ghost, G4L, NovaStor, Acronis, PowerQuest and other network/standalone backup and disk imaging solutions; MS Office 95-2010 and related MS Office software, OpenOffice, Lotus SmartSuite 4 – 2k; MS SQL, Filemaker Pro 3 - 5, Filemaker Pro Server, ORACLE, MySQL; Newmarket Delphi, Meeting Matrix, MeetingBroker; PixelPoint POS; Fairway Systems; RightFax, CastleFax; WinFax 4.x – 10.x; ScriptLogic, Opsware, Numera; F-Secure, TrendMicro, Network Associates (McAfee), Symantec EP, aVast! Anti-Virus; MS Proxy/ISA Server, aVirt; IE 3.x-8, Mozilla based browsers, Safari, Chrome; Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird; various GNU and CASE Utilities; various PC & Mac diagnostic utilities; SolarWinds, Zenoss, Spiceworks, Ethereal & EtherShark and other network and packet monitoring utilities  


Hardware:                  Dell; HP/Compaq; IBM and Compatibles; Cisco; Netgear; Wyse; Lucent; Sun; Apple/Macintosh; Ascend; Honneywell; Russound; Boca Research; Farallon; AT&T; 3COM; US Robotics; Motorola; Intel; Adaptec; Promise; Addonics; Western Digital; Synology; Sony; Palm; Blackberry


Professional Experience:      

1996 - Present               220 TECH                                                                      Cornelius, NC

Co-Owner / Sr. Engineer

220 TECH, is a Integration, Off-Site Administration and Value Added Reseller Company serving small businesses and residential clientele in Atlanta's Southern Crescent, Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. The current demographic is 1-50 user networks on the Microsoft Windows and LINUX platforms. Due to the nature of employment with The Bissell Companies, the company is co-owned and operated by Bear Lewis. Provide technical direction, design and participate in large deployment projects. Manage remote infrastructures of Cisco, HP, Dell and SonicWall equipment for clients. Provide business analysis to clients with regards to IT budgeting, transitional planning, process evaluation, and proactive systems provisioning. Markets include but are not limited to Hospitality, Residential Real Estate, Legal, Commercial Printing, Accounting, Logistics, etc. 

v  Note: all contract/sub-contract work below is through 220 TECH. Listed are only the most significant projects; which for the most part, are used as templates for other jobs. All residential work covers the gamut of software and hardware for the home user environment and usually includes orientation and training users on their new products.

2010 - Present               SunGard AS                                                                   Charlotte, NC

Windows Systems/Network Engineer (Contract)

Contract position. This position requires in-depth knowledge of several business models as well as architecture, design, implementation and maintenance of a variety of technology systems, managed from the network core. All work performed from remote methods as the data centers are located out of state. Responsibilities include discovery of systems belonging to one of SunGard’s high profile client which were orphaned from documentation. Identifying shortcomings on those systems with regard to software and patching compliance, network connectivity as well as serviceability. Plan and implement changes required to bring systems to compliance and hand them off to regular maintenance channels. Finally, document and ensure consistence of documentation with the various databases maintained by both SunGard and their client. This work is highly sensitive, and pivotal in a potential new role of SunGard with the client. Daily interaction with multiple client liaisons and personnel require a high level of professionalism, tact and skill. Much of this role for the Systems Engineers mirrors that of a business analyst as well as project management. site deployments from physical cabling plant to server infrastructure.

ü  Windows NT4-2008 Server; XP, Vista, Win7; VMware ESX; Citrix Metaframe-XEN App Server; Lotus Notes, LiveLink; Exchange 5.5-2007, IIS 4 & 6; TCP/IP; SQL (MS, Oracle, MySQL) HP, Dell, Intel and 3Com; MS Project/Server; MS Office 2003-2010; Visio; McAfee EPO & Vshield, Endpoint Protection, Symantec Edge Protection; SEIM; SysEdge; HP Opsware 6.x-9.x, ServiceManager; Peregrine ServiceCenter; TSM

2001 - 2009                   The Bissell Companies                                                    Charlotte, NC

Chief Network/Systems Engineer

The Bissell Companies acts is a holding company for a variety of entities providing Real Estate services to both the private and commercial sector, including the founding of Charlotte’s Ballantyne area, residential and commercial real estate; property development, management and leasing; as well as hospitality services such as the Ballantyne Resort. This position requires in-depth knowledge of several business models as well as architecture, design, implementation and maintenance of all technology systems from the network core to the desktop. Responsibilities include plan and leading new site deployments from physical cabling plant to server infrastructure. Design, plan and implement software and hardware deployment solutions, with a focus on uptime and transparency to production. Work as business analyst, side by side with directors, senior executives and ownership to define technological scopes and directives, as well as assist in budgeting and proof-of-concept provisions. Responsible for standardizing the remote deployment of secure data center access via migration to Exchange, deployments of various VPNs as well as Citrix implementations for remote application access, with upwards of 50+ servers and 0ver 500 users in disparate sites. Work intimately with vendors to ensure proper deployment of technology and assist in the design of infrastructure deployment scenarios. Work with end users to maximize use of technology and seek opportunities to revamp or invent new solutions to save man hours and resources, yet provide the same or better level of service. Proved and implemented a variety of Green IT initiatives surrounding terminal services and VMware virtualized server infrastructure products to save on operational cost within the data center all the way to the desktop, from the perspectives of Per-Watt, Per-GB to Man-Hour cost, saving not only energy but also reducing man hours all while improving up-time.

ü  Windows NT4-2008 Server; BackOffice 4.x & SBS 2000-2008, Netware Server 3.x-5.x, Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Windows 9x –ME, XP, Vista, Win7; OpenFiler, FreeNAS, Dell PowerVault; CentOS, Red Hat Ent., Ubuntu6.x-9.x; VMware VI3, ESXi, Server, Workstation; MS Virtual Server, PC; Citrix Metaframe1.8-XEN App Server (Presentation Server XP-4.5FR1);Exchange 5.5-2007, IIS 4 & 6; TCP/IP; SQL (MS, Oracle, MySQL) Symantec Ghost, BackupExec, NetBackup; Cisco IOS, PIX, ASA, BBSM, WLSE, Works, CallCenter; HP, Dell, Intel and 3Com; MS Project/Server; MS Office 95-2007; Visio; Adobe Publishing Suites, Delphi, PixelPOS, Fairway, ZipForms, Formulator, RealFa$t, ESRI; McAfee

2007                             Douglas K. Simmons and Assoc. PLLC                              Charlotte, NC

Network & PC Technician/Administrator (Contract)

Provided migration planning and deployment of upgraded Windows SBS 2003 R2 server from Windows 2000 SBS, Exchange and domain migration, and finally, stabilization of desktop environment. Worked with senior office staff and ownership to resolve Internet DNS issues which had been affecting their email for several years. Implemented low cost Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam solutions. Utilized remote deployment and imaging to resolve desktop issues, saving hundreds of man hours to resolve the existing network’s security and stability issues. Re-implemented NAS/SAN technology to offload archive and backup storage. Implemented and trained users on remote data access via RDP and GoToMyPC, as well as Outlook web and mobile access to Exchange. Continue to provide support to this network and act as technical consultants for vendor interaction and future planning.

ü  Windows 2000 and 2003 SBS; Windows 98-XP Pro; Dell; 3Com; Buffalo Storage; TrendMicro, F-Secure; GoToMyPC

2005                             Tilley Harley Davidson of Statesville                                Statesville, NC

Network infrastructure design and deployment (Contract)

Work with various vendors and ownership to ensure successful move to new dealership location. Designed both Telephone and Computer networks to work with both the existing equipment from the old dealership and the required upgrades from Harley Davidson. Worked with telephone vendors to ensure scalability of the new system for the eventual implementation of hybrid and unified communications core. Provided physical cable plant. Completed project on time and 15% under budget.

ü  Windows NT, 2003 Server, Windows 95-XP Pro; HP, Dell, LightSpeed POS;

2002 - 2006                   Tathwell Printing                                                            Charlotte, NC

Network & PC Consultant (Contract)

Consultant to ownership and staff for support, maintenance and upgrading of network, server and workstation systems. Site consists of Windows based corporate and sales PC’s, Macintosh graphics systems and DOS based PC’s for the printing shop, as well as several vendor supplied Solaris systems on a single TCP/IP network. Provided consultation and physical cabling support for facility moves and finaly worked with ownership t transition from consultant based support to a new in-house IT manager.

ü   Windows NT 4 - 2003 Server, Windows 95-XP Pro; Mac OS 8 – 10, Cisco, Dell; McAfee

2004 - Present               Marylyn Hartley Reality                                                  Charlotte, NC

Network & PC Consultant (Contract)

Consultant, to ownership and staff for maintenance and upgrading of all technology systems. Upgrade and migration to Linux server environment with Samba services for file and printer sharing as well as centralized authentication. Implemented VPN access via Cisco ISR to facilitate secure telecommuting for key office staff. Provide desktop and server support via quarterly maintenance contract, which ensures system reliability while reducing overall annual cost. Cross train key users to deliver support to internal user base, alleviating the need to contact vendors.

ü  Windows 2000, XP, Vista; Red Hat and Mandriva linux; Cisco, MS Office 2000-2007, Frontpage; Dell, HP, F-Secure

2000 - 2001                   Ameritrain, Inc.                                                              Charlotte, NC

IT Consultant

AmeriTrain Inc. was a Certification Training company out of King of Prussia, PA. This position encompassed two distinct rolls. One, as an IT instructor of various class schedules for MCSE 4.0 Track and MCSE 2000 Track, as well as A+ and Network+ and two, as a network administrator/engineer. IT instructor side consisted of course and lab development along with presentation and team management of both clients and instructors. Assisted in redesign and development of new A+/Net+ curriculum for the Atlanta school. Designed and taught custom NT 4.0 courses in Wayne, PA. Acted as traveling instructor during the transition from Atlanta to Charlotte. Opened the Charlotte school, teaching MCSE 2000 and A+/Net+ in October 2000. As a Network Administrator, design, implement and maintain corporate LAN/WAN, both from the infrastructure as well as the user environment perspectives. Extensive work with Ghost for designing rapid classroom deployment scenarios. Duties also included heavy network documentation and system administration for the Atlanta and Charlotte schools, application and operating system rollouts and to administer both the Exchange, Proxy and IIS environments with DSL and VPN between sites and domains.  Provide desk-side support to all inside clients.

ü  Windows NT 4 - 2000 Advanced Server, Server and Professional/Workstation; BackOffice 4.x,; Windows 9x and ME; Exchange 5.5, IIS 4 & 5; TCP/IP; Norton Ghost; Cisco, Dell, HP Intel and 3Com; MS Office 97 and 2000; Visio Pro

February 2000               City of Hapeville, Recreation Center                                 Hapeville, GA

Network & PC Technician/Administrator (Contract)

Consultant, for the purchase of new PC equipment. Design multi phase implementation and subsequent upgrades of new network. Work within budget to provide a secure, stable and functional environment for implementation of a new scheduling and resource management database application. Manage Phase One installation of 100BaseTX Network. Install and configure server and clients. Document each phase for pre planned rollouts of new equipment and migration to domain security. Install and configure the new network database, and configure front desk to act as a kiosk to the database for customer sign-in and out. Plan remote site dial in for interaction with the data for remote customer sign-in and out. Design phased rollout of dynamic Web based interaction with the database through implementation of Java based middleware and Filemaker Pro Unlimited, for increased security and speed of Web based dynamic transactions and data mining.

ü  Windows NT Server and Workstation 4.0; Windows 9x and 3.11 for Workgroups; TCP/IP; (Cisco or Ascend based on budjet) Custom Filemaker Pro 5 database; Filemaker Pro v5, Filemaker Pro Server and Filemaker Pro Unlimited (Web solution)

1998 - 2000                   Hegla Corporation                                                          Atlanta, GA

Network & PC Technician/Administrator (Contract & Sub-Contract)

Ongoing Sub-Contract: On an as needed basis, install, configure and support Hegla's clientele, with regards to industrial machine control PCs. The Hegla PC runs OS/2 Warp Connect ver. 3 and acts as a client to virtually any network within the limits of OS/2 Warp and Connect. Client side control software is configured for use of network resources and automatic authentication and logon. Alpha tested German machine control software from OS/2 Warp Connect to Warp 4 platform.

ü  MS DOS 6.x (German & English); OS/2 Warp ver. 3 & 4, and Warp Connect (German & English); Client connections to Solaris, Novel 3.x & 4.x; LANtastic; Windows NT Server 4.0; HP-UX & SUN; Custom proprietary software; TCP/IP; IPX/SPX

Contract: Served as off-site network administrator, and PC Technician; 7-8 users. Repaired deficient installations of NT Server and Win95 clients. Implemented proxy servers to provide Internet connectivity and Internet Mail routing. Managed user accounts and policies. Administer and train Hegla staff on administration of Microsoft Mail post office and ensured connectivity and reliability of the network for the users. Provided Hegla with exhaustive Network Administrator Handbook, documenting every aspect of the network and PCs. Included living appendices for maintaining Licensing and support information, and fully briefed Hegla on rights and procedures to maintain vendor compliance, and smooth transition of System Administrators.

ü  MS Windows NT Server; MS Windows 95 & OS/2 Warp clients, MS Mail w/ Outlook clients; MS Office 97 Pro; IE 3.x, 4.x, 5; Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, PageMaker; Corel Draw 6 & 7, FrontPage; aVirt Spaghetti & Gateway Proxy Servers; VPOP & Rover POP3 Mail Servers;  Farallon; Ascend; 3COM; TCP/IP

1996 - 2000                   Advertising Ideas, Inc.                                                    Jonesboro, GA

Network & PC Technician/Administrator (Contract)

Off-site Network Administrator. Respond and repair user related trouble calls. Maintain user accounts and policies. PC Technician and user trainer, training users on system procedures and system software orientation. Perform OS and software installations and configuration. Database administrator, handle modification to the existing Filemaker Pro databases and perform data migrations to 3rd party systems.  Designed and tested for data migration from Filemaker Pro to an industry standard database platform. Additionally, perform special technical projects ranging from Internet to Desktop Publishing and Image manipulation, as well as special sub-contracts for PC and electronic product installations.

ü  MS Windows NT Server; MS Windows 3.x, 9x; MS Office 95 & 97; Filemaker Pro 3 & 4; Lotus Approach 97; Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator; Quickbooks 6, pcAnywhere32; IE 3.x, 4.x; other custom shrink-wrapped software; TCP/IP; NWlink (IPX/SPX)

1996 - Ongoing              Crossroads International                                                 Atlanta, GA

Network & PC Technician/Administrator (Contract & Sub-Contract)

Off-site Network Administrator. Respond and repair user related trouble calls. Maintain user accounts and policies on this multi-site multi domain network (Atlanta, Miami x2 & San Juan). Provide onsite and remote support for 3rd party Foxpro & Clipper proprietary databases. Install and maintain all UTP and COAX Ethernet cabling. Installed UTP & Twin Ax cabling in San Juan sister company's new office/warehouse facility to support both Network and TelCo needs. Implemented video conferencing capabilities between Crossroads and sister companies via MS NetMeeting and existing local ISP's.

ü  MS Windows NT Server; MS Windows 3.xx, 9x; MS Office 95 & 97; Caldera OpenLinux 1.3 & 2.2; Quickbooks 6 - 99, Symantec Café, Winfax Pro,  pcAnywhere32, Anti-Virus and Utilities; McAfee Anti-virus; IE 3.x, 4.x, WinProxy, aVirt Gateway Suite 3.5; Netmeeting2.x - 3.x; other custom shrink-wrapped software; Ascend; Farallon; 3COM; TCP/IP; NWlink (IPX/SPX)

1997 - 1998                   MCK Computer Products and Affordable Computers                       Atlanta, GA

Network Admin, Level 2 PC Technician, QC & Technical Sales Manager (Co-Owner in both stores)

Managed all aspects of retail store and technicians. Implemented and maintained company files and accounting systems. Managed payroll and instituted personnel policies and procedures for both general employee activity and service shop operating procedures. Implemented an NT Server based network and supporting software to streamline production from POS to RMA and Shipping. Administered internal and Internet E-mail, and connectivity. Established remote access and maintained users accounts. Applied service releases and patches to both internal systems and client systems. Designed and implemented a warehouse for maintaining inventory and facilitating a central location for Shipping and Receiving. Technician, servicing PC and Macintosh systems and peripherals. Also performed as Quality Control (QC). Acted as Corporate Sales Lead for the sale of high end computing equipment and all network related sales and service. As the in house Network Administrator, redesigned and implemented updated software on both store’s networks, to include new accounting software, remote access and an internet proxy servers.

ü  MS Windows NT 4 Server & Workstation, MS Windows 3.x - 98; MS & PC DOS 5-6.xx; MS Office 95 & 97; Lotus Smartsuite 4, 96, 97; Wingate Proxy Server; Storm POS; General Store POS; QuickSell 2000 POS; Zebra Bar Code Equipment; Adobe  PhotoShop, Illustrator, PageMaker, Acrobat; Paintshop Pro; pcAnywhere32; Winfax; Corel word Perfect Suite; DrivePro; Partition Magic; various other hardware & software diagnostic utilities; TCP/IP; NWlink (IPX/SPX); NetBEUI

1995 - 1997                   Worldwide Development Corporation                               Atlanta, GA

Account Executive

Serviced existing clients, providing qualified contract and permanent IT personnel, to Atlanta clients. Recruited and screened potential IT contract applicants. Assisted in résumé writing and project proposals. Assisted in maintaining the internal network and PC's. Assisted with installation of UTP cabling for TelCo and Ethernet Network and tested system and software implementations. Acted as site PC and TelCo hardware technician, performing repairs, upgrades and applying system patches. Assisted in decision process for new software/hardware purchasing and implementation.

ü  Windows NT4 Server and Worktation; MS DOS 5-6.22, MS Windows 3.x, 9x, various hardware & software diagnostic utilities; Quickbooks 5; Netscape  Navigator/Communicator; IE 3.xx; Lotus 123, AmiPro, Approach; MS Office 95

1988 - 1996                   US Army, Intelligence Corp

US Army Electronic Warfare/Signals Intelligence Analyst (MOS 98C)

Served eight years in both the active and reserve US Army components, earning the grade of E4 (Specialist) with diverse and ever increasing responsibilities of managing up to fifteen soldiers plus equipment. Maintained target caseloads and reporting requirements for multiple NSA interests. 


·         Ft. Gillem, Georgia - Served 3 years in the reserve component as a SIGINT Analyst and systems technical support. Cross-trained with OB Analysts and Linguists (Russian, Spanish and German). Assisted in analysis of multiple JTFOR targets. Cross-trained with Ground Surveillance and Electronic Counter-Counter Measure Teams. Track Commander for tactical deployment. Assisted IS personnel with cabling and installation of PC based Language training lab of 15 computers with a single NT Server and internet connectivity. Assisted in user training on Sun workstations. Attended and passed, 3rd in class, Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC).

·         Kunia Field Station, Hawaii - Served 2 years as SIGINT analyst and shop supervisor for 3 shifts of up to 15 collection operators. Solely maintained caseloads for multiple (4) targets providing both daily activity and monthly analysis reporting.

·         Combat Support Coordination Team #3, Republic of Korea - Served nearly 2.5 years as senior SIGINT/COMINT/IMINT/HUMINT Analyst and Liaison for the US 8th Army and 3rd ROK Army. Ran and maintained Tactical Communications Terminal (AM) Radio for Collection and analysis of significant target activity. Designed, implemented and maintained the unit's Micro-FIX (Apple IIe) and OB databases, providing OB report analysis. This effort directly impacted the 3rd ROK effect in TEAM Spirit '90 and proved the functionality of technology in the field.


Organizational Relationships:


Synology, AMD, F-Secure, McAfee Authorized Reseller

Member VMware Users Group, Citrix Users Group,

Atlanta, GA & Concord, NC- Volunteer Computer Instructor to various classes at local elementary schools.

Yong In, ROK - Volunteer English instructor to SamSung of Yong In, employees and management. Also involved in English/Korean military English instructions to KATUSA personnel and 3rd ROKA Officers.

ROK Ranger (White Horse Training Camp, Oijonboo, ROK)